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JAKARTA, BB - Again immoral photos appear on FB and Twitter. Photos naughty singer Old popcorn, Siti Badriah mengegerkan cyberspace as on Facebook and Twitter. Three exciting photos without closing the chest became a free show.

After a week of obscene photograph shocked civil servants (PNS) in cyberspace, now photo Badriah Siti allegedly similar scene in the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. A total of three photos of bugs * l immediately circulated after uploaded on Twitter on 23 November 2013 ago. The photos also been widely circulated BlackBerry Messenger.

Is the Twitter account @ Vina787979 ynag address at first upload the photo. Having traced Thursday, November 28th, 2013, the account had been deleted owners. However, the name of the photo social media has a lot in store and distributed to other users.

siti badriah foto syur fb twitter 600x332 Foto Hot Siti Badriah Tanpa Sensor Nongol di FB   Berita Bulukumba

Exciting photos like Siti Badriah appear on FB, ist

Two pictures show women like Siti Badriah lying on the bed. Women's upper body was open because a tank top worn open. Photos seemed not wear clothing with the back camera highlighted.

Report: Cr13 / Rival

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